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Week 23 (Part II) – Silence and Solitude

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Silence is the lack of audible sound or presence of sounds of very low intensity. By analogy, the word silence can also refer to any absence of communication, including in media other than speech. Silence is also used as total communication, in reference to nonverbal communication and spiritual connection. Silence also refers to no sounds uttered by anybody in a room or area. Silence is an important factor in many cultural spectacles, as in rituals.

“Embrace solitude. It’s a good thing. Avoid loneliness by embracing solitude. Solitude is a gift that you give to yourself. If you can’t receive yourself as a gift, then how can you receive another human being as a gift?” Unknown

 Henry David Thereau

Two weeks ago the MKMMA class was given an assignment to find 24 to 48 hours or more to be in a state of silence. The thought of this was extremely exciting to me. I knew that the only way to accomplish this was to go away by myself and leave my family behind. When I was a very young adult (before family obligations) I did this on a fairly regular basis about every two to three months. I would pack up a suitcase for the weekend and just go somewhere, rent a room or cabin and be alone. I enjoyed these excursions immensely as I have always been comfortable in my own skin and enjoyed my own company.

So, I announced to my husband that I was going on a retreat. He was extremely confused when he asked me where I was going, and I responded that I didn’t know yet. Then to add to his confusion he asked who I was going with, and I told him no one. I learned from this experience that there are many individuals that cannot fathom being so “adventurous” as to go somewhere alone for no other reason than to be alone – in silence. A forty something woman that I work with was amazed that I was doing this – although she has several degrees, is married with children, is a Vice President of the foundation where we work – she found this “novel” idea of going somewhere “alone” exciting and daring. I’ve been doing this kind of thing since I was 19. Being a child of the ‘60’s makes it hard for me to comprehend that many people have no concept of doing what they feel are “daring” events.

Product of the 60's

I grew up in a decade that vibrated the nation – a time of hippies and flower children, protesting, Vietnam war, assassinations of the Kennedys and Martin Luther King, civil rights movements, women’s rights movements, gay rights movements, Woodstock, free love, psychedelic drugs, men walking on the moon, and people generally questioning the norms of everything. I never perceived going away on an adventure by myself as daring – it was just exciting and a fun thing to do (and we didn’t even have cell phones back then). Several other people also made comments about being in “awe” that I would do this and how they would like to get away for a weekend with a spouse or friend, but never alone.

Alone to be who you are

And sometimes it is better to be alone because it gives you some time to discover who you are. This experience was beyond awesome. In silence from 4:00 p.m. on Thursday afternoon until 10:00 a.m. on Sunday morning (a total of 66 hours) was remarkable. I made certain to have a refrigerator and microwave in my accommodations. I stopped at the store on my way and picked up food to last the duration of my stay. I put a Do Not Disturb sign on my door after checking in and did not leave the room until I checked out.

I spent my time doing several things such as reading MKMMA required materials, sketching, sewing (I took a few items of clothing that need minor repair work), journaling, and just being. Lots of time was spent meditating – seeking solutions, seeking guidance, seeking nothing – just being. The room was equipped with a recliner that was perfect. I normally don’t like recliners. My husband is a big fan of them, but I had never found one that I could be comfortable in. However, the Universe has a way of providing us with what we need, and this chair was ideal for me to sit in comfortably and totally relax to do my meditation. I also slept a lot! Much needed rest as I tend to not get that on a routine basis.


What have I taken away from this experience? Sitting idly and through abstract thinking I have answered many questions that have perplexed me for a very long time. I have recognized many resentments I held that were childish and selfish. I let them go as I see the foolishness in my feelings. I gained understanding into why I felt as I did and the error of my thinking. Through my silence I felt gratitude for my opportunities; my loved ones; mankind as a whole. I came to realize that most everything I have sought answers for, I already knew the answers – I just needed to recognize that I knew the answers. (What have I pretended not to know – ring a bell?) The truth to most things, we instinctively and intuitively already know. My powers of intuition are leading the way. Through the silence I can discover my own solutions and answers. Through the silence I can connect to the wonderful omnipotent power within. Through the silence I have found my way to freedom.

Deepak Chopra2

While doing my reading – with enthusiasm, I thought much about happiness and bliss. Although we generally think in terms of being happy, happiness is merely the absence of sadness or anger. Happiness, like the tides, comes and goes. Bliss on the other hand has no opposite. It transcends dualistic nature. Bliss is eternal. Joseph Campbell was the person who coined the phrase “Follow your Bliss”. To know yourself is to be completely in the present. Bliss can only be found within yourself. Enthusiasm (a word that comes from the Greek language and means “manifesting the spirit within”) has been a prerequisite that has been pounded into our consciousness for over 5 months. Each of us in seeking what the meaning of life means to us is seeking for our purpose. Living our purpose gives our life meaning. I discovered that I need to rework my definite major purpose as my personal pivotal needs have changed. I now have a much clearer picture of my purpose and where the “new” me is headed. I met my new self and welcomed her with open eyes and an open heart. I am now following my bliss enthusiastically!


To my fellow MKMMA friends, MKMMA has given us all the tools we need to accomplish our dharma. We have been shown the way to eliminate negativity from our thinking. We have been shown how to clearly define our purpose. We have been shown how to develop virtues to become better human beings. We have been shown the way to create a mastermind alliance that is essential to our success. We have been shown how to schedule our lives with our loved ones always coming first. Should we choose to follow the tools we have been given, there is no reason that anyone entering into this experience could not find their personal bliss. So I challenge you to put yourself whole-heartedly into the experience. I promise you will not be disappointed! And, I keep my promises!


Peace be with you. Stay tuned …..

Richard Bach

Week 23 (Part 1) – On My Way

highway journey


It is 2:14 p.m. on Thursday and my journey begins! When I post this I will be on my way to silence. In silence we discover the power that we have within. I will return on Sunday and will expand on the experience! I’m loving everything about MKMMA and am uber excited about embarking on this adventure – tuning out the external distractions of the world and tuning into me!

I will surely update on my experience when I return.


Peace be with you. Stay tuned ….

Week 22 – The Law of Relaxation and 48 Hours of Silence


The Law of Relaxation states: Mental effort defeats itself – exactly the opposite of physical effort. A relaxed, calm state of mind is the only doorway to progress mentally. Relaxation of thought is the only access to Infinite Intelligence.

In the MKMMA class, our newest assignment is to take our “sit” of 15 to 30 minutes a day and expand this sit to at least 24 hours and preferably 48 hours or longer. This does not mean that we have to just sit for that long, but it is an adventure into silence with no electronic distractions, no books, no music, no conversation – just to be at one with ourselves and our Universe. The ultimate goal is to clear the mind as often and for as long as possible to be receptive to the connection with the Omnipotent, Omniscient, and Omnipresent Universal Mind.

My very first dilemma when given this assignment was wondering how in the world will I find the time to accomplish such a feat. I still work 40 hours a week, I have family obligations, I have ongoing assignments with this class, I’m a board member on a very active committee for a museum, I have an Internet business, and occasionally I sleep. My household consists of my husband, my ailing 85 year old mother-in-law, my 16 year old granddaughter, and I. My husband always has his hands full tending to his mother and the 16 year old is 16! She constantly has somewhere she has to go and needs a ride to get there (she is not a licensed driver yet).

mass confusion

Next, where in the world can I go to accomplish this feat? My household is not conducive to silence! We have a desktop computer, 3 laptop computers, and an IPAD. We have a landline telephone and four cell phones. There is always a phone ringing somewhere with some cutesy ringtone, televisions on in at least two locations, people coming and going routinely, and nonstop questions – how do I, where do I, when will you, what time does it happen, can you help me …. I think you get the picture. Thus far, I have managed to facilitate my sits of between 15 minutes and an hour without unnecessary interruptions because I either accomplish the sit before anyone else gets up in the morning or after everyone has gone to bed for the night. But 24 or more hours of silence in my home is not going to happen unless everyone but me goes out of town for a day or two, which is not going to happen anytime in the foreseeable future.

Finally, how do I manage to escape and leave the burden of all responsibility on my husband’s shoulders? Oops! Guilt Alert! Then it occurred to me that I (and he) manage when it comes to my going out of town for a couple of days or a week for training or conventions with my Internet business. The perception is different – that’s about making money. However, my mental health is definitely more important than anything else I can think to compare it to. Plus, by achieving the connection to my inner strength thereby bringing into action the power of attraction I can only see this as a win-win situation. Much more valuable that the mighty dollar. Ergo it is necessary that I remove myself from home home for at least 24 hours to accomplish this task.

Deepok Chopra

I choose to connect to a higher level of my consciousness and reach a clarity I have yet to know. The only way to do this is in silence and solitude. In silence I clear the path to receive the connection to the Universal Intelligence. It is my belief that this connection happens in what is the essence of who we are – the subconscious mind, the soul, the “I”.

Another thing I hope to accomplish on this journey of silence and solitude is contained in the following video explaining the “Third Eye”. Tao and Shamanic teachings explain that the Third Eye is a natural part of every person. One way to think of it is as a “meta” organ that consists of your mind and all of your senses working together as a larger, more powerful sensory organ. The Third Eye is a very clever bit of natural evolution that allows you to see the patterns in your life. Even more amazing, your third eye can reveal these patterns to you by overlaying this information on top of your other senses. For example, when you have a hunch and act on it, you’ve used your third eye. But that’s only the beginning. Your third eye is a sense, one you can develop to be more refined and accurate than just being a hunch.


So, I am off to see the Wizard of my hero’s journey! On my merry way to seek and find the solace that I desire; to become one with the Universe and to love and appreciate myself and every living creature around me. Welcome to my world.

solitude gives you

Peace be with you! Stay tuned …..